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This documentary is powerful! Hits so many points that I've been mulling over in my head since I've begun my pursuit to Medicine. Community/pipeline enhancement, increasing grade school students enthusiasm, representation; these are the things we need to be ACTIVELY doing to show that MEDICINE IS POSSIBLE!

Dr. Okorodudu, you are doing some great work! I hope it continues and we can really start to see some change within our communities in regards to academia!

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This was a wonderful documentary! I pray that the Black Men in White Coats movement gains the momentum it needs to expose this problem to medical institutions across the country. I hope that the powers that be in medical school admissions reevaluate their practices to ensure acceptance of more Black men into their programs. Along with this, I hope medical schools create a pipeline to mentor young Black males in middle and high schools that would afford them access to their institution.

There is so much to be done, but I believe it can be done as long as the desire is there. Great job Dr. Dale!!!

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